The Devil's Tree

The Devil's Tree

The rumors surrounding the tree was not what really interested me. It was discovering how many people visit the tree because of these rumors and do satanic rituals and devil worshiping around the tree.  

Legend has it that the tree is cursed with the blood of men who were lynched from one of the tree's branches (a branch that has been cut down). At one time Basking's Ridge was a stronghold of the Ku Klux Klan and Bernards Township was their central headquarters. Legend has it that many African American slaves were tortured in front of the tree before being lynched. It's believed that the blood of these innocent men drenched onto the tree and opened a portal into another realm. Other's believe that the tree is cursed with the spirit of a farmer that once owned the land, who has been rumored to have murdered his entire family one day and proceed to walk towards the tree where he hung himself. They say if you touch the tree your hand will become stained black from the ashes of hell, that the tree emits its own heat during any season and that rock in front of the tree also gives off its own heat signature and that, that rock is the portal to hell. If you desecrate the tree in any way a sentinel will follow you and cause you to harm in some form or another. 


All of this was very interesting lore and being from New York I figure it would be easier to take a trip down to this location and see if any of the legends or rumors are true. The first time we visited the tree we went on October 30th, 2014. I brought a few camera's, my sb-7 spirit box, the Ovilus 3 and a Mel Meter. After setting up our full spectrum camera I proceeded with my group towards the tree. I turned on the Ovilus 3 and although some paranormal shows might have you convinced that the Ovilus 3 say's this word often I promise you, I swear to you that I had used this device previously and after and it has never displayed this word. As soon as I turned it on the first word it said was "Demon" which initially freaked me out. We proceeded to use our other devices and captured a lot of evidence even one that sounds like it came from the depths of hell itself. After this, I decided that this had to be the first location we investigate and we did. We got a permit and hired an off duty officer to direct traffic and on April 13th, 2015 we investigated The Devil's Tree. We did capture evidence on this day as well but do to the feedback from one of the devices and some technical issues I decided not to use any of the footage in my documentary. I had to look for another location and I had to move on.

To this day I believe that there is something at The Devil's Tree. Are the rumors and myths true? I don't know. But I do believe when you give something enough energy and credence that we can actually create and draw negative energy to a location. If you search on Instagram or any other social media site for the devil's tree you will find all sorts of things teens and adults do when they visit the location, often negative. Is it a portal to hell? I do not know but I will say we did capture evidence that can not dispute those claims.

Maybe someday I can clean up the footage and present it to everyone. 

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