Hellraiser - Movie Review


Larry Cotton and his lovely wife Julie have just moved into an old family home, preparing to start their lives anew. Strange feeling draws Julie to the attic where she is overcome with her passionate sexual memories of her with her true love, Larry's brother, Frank. Suddenly Larry bursts into the attic, blood gushing from a large wound to his hand.Drip...drip . . . drip . . . drip. Blood droplets from Larry's hand drips onto the floor which then seeps deeply into the cracks of the attic floor, feeding the creature that lurks in the darkness.


Later, as Julie is drawn back to this unholy room, she encounters a terror beyond her wildest dreams. A bloody and skinless Frank is standing in front of her and begging for her help. He explains that by solving the "Lament Configuration", he had summoned spirits from the Outer Realms of Darkness. In his ardent desire for pleasure, he had also been met with pain as the Cenobites unleashed Hell's fury upon him. Frank now needs blood to regain his old form. He convinces Julie to seduce men and bring them home so he may feed upon them.


The real terror begins when Larry's daughter Kirsty discovers what is hiding in the attic and steals the puzzle box which is capable of opening the portals of Hell. Ignorant of what awaits her, she inadvertently summons the Cenobites who then come for her soul. Desperate to save herself, she tells the Cenobites she knows of one who has escaped them and proceeds to bargain for her soul in exchange for Frank’s. But in Hell, as in life, things are never that easy and promises were meant to be broken. The ending sequence offers many twists and turns as it winds its way to its hellish conclusion.

This is a movie my grandmother did not have in her collection (lol). I remember purchasing this at Suncoast videos before knowing anything about it. My mom would take me to the mall and let me go to Suncoast video by myself (I was 12 at the time) as long as I would stay there until she came back, or go to Macy's to let her know I was there. I remember looking at the VHS box and reading the back of the box and begging my mother when she finally came to buy it and it didn't disappoint. 'Hellraiser' is a gory masterpiece directed by horror icon Clive Barker. I definitely recommend this movie for your Halloween viewing pleasure.

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